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Central to the success of a Senior HR Executive and Manager is the effective running and understanding of Labour Laws, Employee Compensation, Benefits and Rewards as well as the compliance payments to the Government Authorities.

Throughout the key global economies there exists Governing Bodies for all the major Professions and the Payroll profession is No exception, the UK has the CIPP, USA has the APA, Canada has the CPA, yet India until now was not represented on a national or international forum. Now India joins the global payroll professional movement through NAIP.

If the employees Compensation, Rewards and Benefits are not professionally managed and understood or effective Government compliance is not achieved the organisation’s bottom line be seriously affected. The responsibility for these business critical issues will fall onto the shoulders of the senior HR, Management Executives.

The knowledge and understanding of HR or Management functions and principles even at a Post Graduate level is not sufficient to manage Employee Compensation, Benefits & Rewards and Compliance Payments. The provision of the employees’ compensation, salaries and benefits and associated compliance is the single biggest expense to any organization or business, it is at the heart of the operation and one cannot afford any mistakes in this area.

All the significant economies of the Globe including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia have over the last two decades grasped this important proposition and have all introduced key Professional bodies to provide detailed Professional Qualifications for the benefit of the HR Management Practitioners and Executives.

about us

This business critical professional body for the HR and Management Executives has now successfully evolved in India through The National Academy of India Payroll (NAIP). The pioneering programme developed by NAIP is supported by key strategists in the Government and Compliance Agencies as well as leading practitioners from HR, Accountancy and Legal profession as part of developing a skilled and compliant workforce.

The National Academy of Indian Payroll launched in India in January 2010 in association with its strategic partner the Governing body of Payroll in the UK, The Queen’s Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), is considered a significant milestone in the acceleration of India as a provider of Professional Services. NAIP has successfully delivered 8 International Conferences across India and developed strong ties with employers both at home and internationally.

NAIP has engaged with practising HR and Management Executives through the NAIP Post Graduate Diploma, our one day Programmes , NAIP Membership, and Conferences.
The NAIP infrastructure is supported by leading employers, practitioners, members of key National and State Organisations from both Government Agencies and Employer Forums and leading Labour Law Advocates and Senior Compliance Authorities who are and have shaped Compliance issues and interpretation of for example key legislation such Provident Fund, ESIC, Gratuity , Bonus Act, definition of Wages , Factories Act , Outsourcing .

NAIP's forte lies in providing qualifications and training to ensure labour law compliance management and payroll.

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