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Middle East Payroll Division – The one stop shop for Middle East Payroll knowledge and expertise
Middle East Payroll Division, a unit of NAIP, was formed with the vision to provide workshops, seminars and formal training courses in Human Resources and Payroll skills like.

• Specialization in the country Labor Law
• Country specific payroll processing
• Multi country payroll processing
• Compensation management

Our experienced panel provides the best quality of training and practical sessions to ensure that the participants get adequate expertise and exposure in all areas related to a country payroll to enhance their payroll knowledge, payroll practices and the legal compliance. Corporate clients prefer our courses to train their payroll teams in multi country Middle East payroll processing covering some important countries like Bahrain, Egypt, Jordon, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

Our courses

Beginner’s Course

Our basic beginner’s course covers the following:
• Functions of Human Resources
• Functions of Payroll
• Integration between Human Resources and Payroll
• Payroll Basics – Earnings, Deductions
• Pre payroll processing
• Post payroll processing
• Payroll Accounting
• Payroll budgeting
• Statutory and non statutory Human Resources and Payroll reporting
• New Hire and Termination end to end payroll process overview

GCC Advanced Course

The GCC Advanced Course certification is an internationally recognized certification program.
Our GCC advanced course covers the following:

• Country specific Human Resources and Payroll overview
o Bahrain
o Kuwait
o Oman
o Qatar
o Saudi Arabia
o United Arab Emirates

We also offer customized Human Resources and Payroll courses to meet client specific business requirements.

Global Payroll and Shared Service Center
With the global trend moving towards the shared services center concept, we have exclusive training courses related to this. Our courses help clients:
1. Know about Human Resources and Payroll shared service centre
2. Strategy for shared services center
3. Process to build a shared services center
4. Train employees and set up a world class shared service center team

Advantages of partnering with NAIP, Middle East division:

1. Our professional training services will enable your organization to optimize the skills, knowledge, and abilities of its workforce. We deliver a wide range of training courses, including professional qualifications, short courses and customized training.
2. We have extensive experience in GCC countries payroll training. We understand the requirements of effective and beneficial training and apply this knowledge and understanding to all of our courses. We follow a number of guiding principles to ensure a consistently high standard of effective and beneficial training.
3. Our guiding principles
a. Informal and relaxed training approach
b. Specific participant’s discussion sessions
c. Two way training communications making participants and trainer involve in more and effective discussions
d. Clear and well explained theory sessions
e. Extensive coverage of practical sessions
f. Trainee as Trainer where we make participants to do short teaching sessions as a recap of the training completed
g. Details training course materials that can be used as an effective hand book for the trainees when they get into the initial payroll operations
h. High level trainee assessment to ensure that the training meets the ultimate requirement of enhancing the trainee skills / knowledge requirement
i. Post training support is provided for a specific duration where the trainees can reach out the trainer for any open issues OR clarification whey they get into their initial payroll processing
4. The only organization to share information about processing GCC country payroll with the usage of payroll processing applications / ERP’s
5. We provide assistance for clients in setting up a world class payroll processing team for the GCC countries